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10. Youth work

10.7 Raising awareness about youth work

Last update: 28 November 2023

Information providers 

The main information providers regarding information and guidance available to young people to learn about non-formal and informal learning are youth associations themselves. They benefit from a high degree of autonomy. They are in direct contact with young people. 

Key initiatives

The Youth Department organises regularly many communication activities to raise awareness about youth work. 

It has published around 10 books (one every 2 years) on youth work and organises events for their promotion. 

It also organises events gathering youth workers in order to foster networking. The last one gathered around 400 youth workers in Liège around themes such as migrants, environment, the difficulty of involving young people in long-lasting projects, media literacy, the links between youth and youth welfare sectors. 

The Youth Department is also very active in regional events (book fair, education faire, youth work fair, etc.)  in order to present youth work to a large audience. 

However, the main target groups are – at the moment - youth workers themselves and teachers. 

A campaign is currently organised to promote a tool – Kaléidoscope – among teachers in schools. This tool is search engine gathering non-formal education of the French-speaking Community in order to foster links between formal and non-formal education. 

But the main channels of communication are mainly in the hands of youth associations themselves as they have a large degree of autonomy.