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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.3 National youth strategy

Last update: 26 February 2024

Existence of a National Youth Strategy

No national Youth Strategy exists at the moment.

For the period 2019-2024, the government has pointed out its priorities in the field of youth in the Community's political declaration. This plan gives the guidelines for various sectors affecting young people : education, youth work policy, youth welfare policy, sport and culture. 

The government is agreed on the need to step up measures aimed at younger generations through a "0-25 Child and Youth Plan". It aims at strengthen investments in children and youth affected by the pandemic. See 1.9 Current debates and reforms.


Scope and contents

The priorities in the field of youth as pointed out in the political delclaration 2019-2024 are the following: 

  • implementing an interministerial conference in order to further take into account young people in every policy; 
  • strenghtening synergies between departments of the French-Speaking Community ; 
  • maintaining services and loan of scouting movements material (tents) ;
  • make durable the confidence granted to youth associations in order to maintain youth work, citizenship and participation through non formal education ; 
  • ensure youth participation in decision-making through youth work ; 
  • Concrétiser les ajustements identifiés dans les évaluations des décrets « organisations de jeunesse » et « centres de jeunes » réalisées sous la précédente législature, avec notamment pour objectif la simplification administrative ;
  • supporting "non-organised" young people's projects and ensuring that "non-organised" youth is represented in the dialogue between decision-makers and the youth sector ;
  • fostering youth and senior projects ;
  • supporting the implementation of the Youth Forum. 

Responsible authority for the implementation of the Youth Strategy

The responsible authority for the implementation of youth part of the Community's political declaration 2019-2024 is the Youth Minister. 


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