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Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Participation

5.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

Forthcoming policy developments

Upcoming policy development

Drafting a youth policy in FBiH and BD is expected to be finished in the coming period. BD has prepared a Draft of the First Youth Policy to be adopted by decision-makers in the BD Government. The Working Group that drafted the first youth policy implemented a "Dialogue with young people" in order to actively involve all young people in the drafting process. The second meeting of the Working Group to develop the RS Youth Policy 2022-2026 was held at the RS Youth Council headquarters. According to the FBiH Youth Council analysis in 2019, the Youth Policy has been adopted in three cantons in FBiH, while there is still no youth policy in four cantons, only the Bosnian Podrinje Canton of Gorazde plans to develop it.

Ongoing debates

The Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues of Bosnia and Herzegovina should act as a working body of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The work of the Commission would be based on:

  • Coordination and cooperation between different government institutions;
  • A multilateral approach to solving youth issues;
  • Involvement of young people and joint management of the work of the Commission.

The Commission would be an example of institutional care of the state level of government towards youth and should contribute to the coordination of youth policies at lower levels of government in BiH. Such an approach in working with young people would significantly contribute to the effectiveness of youth policies and better position of young people in BiH in the long run.

As a result of the joint work of the three youth umbrella bodies in BiH, the RS Youth Council, the BD Youth Council and the FBiH Youth Council, and the competent entity ministries, a new text of the Decision on the Commission for Coordination of Youth in BiH was agreed.

According to the current text of the Decision, which has not yet been adopted, the Commission would have nine members, including four representatives of BiH government institutions and five representatives of BiH youth structures. In this way, it is ensured that the work and decisions of the Commission are the result of a joint process of youth and government, and that the voice of young people in such bodies comes to the fore.

For the Commission to be formed, it is necessary that the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH submits the new Decision to the Council of Ministers of BiH for adoption, and to enable its work and operation in the coming period. Although, the text of the Decision was agreed in November 2020, the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs is expected to take further steps and submits the Decision to the BiH Council of Ministers for adoption.