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Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Participation

5.6 Supporting youth organisations

Last update: 22 February 2024

Legal/policy framework for the functioning and development of youth organisations

There is no national legislation on youth in BiH.

Regional and local legislation on youth exist in both entities and BD.

The RS Law on Youth Organisation was adopted in 2004. This Law provides a range of definitions concerning youth issues, supports the development of youth organisations, suggests ways to adopt youth policies, regulates youth organisations and international cooperation, professional work and training and youth information.

The RS Law on Volunteering was adopted in 2008.

The RS National Assembly adopted the Proposal of the RS Youth Policy 2016-2020 during its 13th session held on July, 13 and 14, 2016.

The FBiH Youth Law was adopted in 2010. This Law regulates issues related to youth life, position and activities in FBiH.

The FBiH Law on Volunteering was adopted in 2012.

The BD adopted the Youth Law in 2017 and Volunteering Law in 2018 with the similar regulations to those in FBiH and RS.

The BD Government adopted the BD Youth Policy 2022-2026 at its 85th session held on January 11, 2023. 

Public financial support

International level

The BiH Council of Ministers defined at its 61st session a Proposal Agreement of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office of Western Balkans countries (RYCO). The text of the Agreement was defined by an international working group, in which representatives of all Western Balkans countries took part. BiH’s contribution to the RYCO’s Budget is EUR 154,000.00 for the Agreement implementation.

For Erasmus+ youth program, Bosnia and Herzegovina secured EUR 115,000 for the entry into the Community Programme in 2014, and since then youth organisations can apply for funding.

National level

The BIH Council of Ministers allocated about EUR 400,000 for their national youth programs in its 2016 budget. 

Regional level

The RS Government allocated EUR 2.335,000 for its different programs, projects and measures in its 2016 budget.

The FBiH Government allocated EUR 204,000 for their youth program in its 2016 budget.

The BD Government secured about EUR 100,000 funds to support youth initiatives in 2016. 

Initiatives to increase the diversity of participants

There are no specific national or large-scale initiatives aiming to increase the diversity of young people participating in youth organisations in BiH.