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5. Participation

5.8 Raising political awareness among young people

Last update: 28 November 2023

The BiH Central Election Commission is the state level authority when it comes to raising the political awareness amongst young people. Their Center for Education is established and aimed at education of the election management bodies (EMBs) and all election stakeholders, as well as financing political parties at the national, regional and international level.

By establishing the Center for Education, the BiH Central Election Commission has provided a permanent and adequate space to meet the legal obligation for continuous training of the EMBs members. The BiH Central Election Commission strives to provide high quality and continuous training and professional development of all participants in the electoral process in BiH by organizing educational workshops, seminars and lectures to be delivered to the members of election administration, but also to the representatives of political subjects, the media and the NGOs, by renowned domestic and international election experts.

Example of their work with youth are projects like: "Lecture to the students of the Faculty of Law of the Sarajevo University" and promotion of the "Increasing Youth Participation in the Election Process" initiative to mark the World Election Day.