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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


10. Youth work

10.2 Administration and governance of youth work

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  1. Governance

The main actor in the policy-making foryouth work is the Ministry of youth and sports in Bulgaria. There specific department of the Ministry dedicated to youth policy and all its aspects it the Youth Policy department. The main non public actors are the NGOs (umbrella organisations such as the National Youth Forum; the Yotuh Centres where youth workers are employed.  On the top level in the implementation of the state youth policy is repsonsoibility of the Ministry of youth and sprots. The Minister of Youth and and is supported by National Youth Advisory Council.  The National Youth Advisory Council:  takes positions on drafts legal acts and strategic documents related to youth policy;proposes measures for reaching the objectives of the state youth policy and  debates other questions also related to conducting the youth policy  The structure of the Council includes:  Deputy-minister of Education, Youth and Science, Deputy-minister of Economics, Energetics and Tourism, Deputy-minister of Labour and Social policy, Deputy-minister of Health Services, Deputy-minister of Culture, Deputy-minister of Internal Affairs, Deputy-minister of Justice, Deputy-minister of Regional Development and Public works, Deputy-minister of Finances, Deputy-minister of Physical Education and Sport, Vice chairman of the State Agency for Child’ Protection Representative of the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria; Representative of the National Representation of the Students’ Councils; One representative from each nationally representative youth organization. Chairman of the Council is the Minister of Youth and Sports or an authorized by him Deputy-minister of Youth and Sports. The National Youth Advisory Council can also invite to its meetings other experts in the field of youth policy.

2. Cross-sectoral cooperation


Youth work is related to several youth policy fields (education, social inclusion, volunteering) therefor the cross-sectoral cooperation between the main public actors is active trough the work of the National Youth Advisory Council. The annual report on youth is validated once it is consulted with other ministries and agencies. After they provide their statements on the report it can be voted by the National Assembly.