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10. Youth work

10.2 Administration and governance of youth work

Last update: 28 November 2023
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The Ministry of Youth and Sports is the main policy-making actor in the field of youth work. The Youth Policy Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sports deals with all aspects of youth policy, including youth work.

In the process of youth policy governance, which also comprises the youth work area, the minister of youth and sports is supported by the following advisory bodies:

  • National advisory council on youth – political body at deputy minister level;
  • Public council on youth matters – with representatives of the NGO sector;
  • National working group on youth work – dedicated expert body dealing with youth work.

The main non-public actors are the NGOs (umbrella organizations) such as the National Youth Forum, national representative youth organisation and the youth centers. The youth centers are established by and function under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Science. They work with young people through the methods of non-formal education.

Youth work is not mandatory area at regional and local level. Regional governors procure for the implementation of the state policy of youth on the territory of the respective region. In doing so, they work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and with the youth organisations that are registered on the territory of the respective region, while dealing with various youth-related issues, including youth work.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

Youth work is related to various youth policy fields, including education, social inclusion, volunteering, etc. The cross-sectoral cooperation between the main public actors is mainly achieved through the advisory bodies to the minister of youth and sports as defined above. The National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria is also involved in the cross-sectoral cooperation on ad-hoc basis.