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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.10 Promotion of entrepreneurship culture

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  1. Special events and activities
  2. Networks and partnerships

Special events and activities

  • State central authorities are not usually running top-level events or activities to support young entrepreneurship. Thus the following are initiated by private associations, and subsequently often supported by the public authorities
    • youth business fairs
    • public relations campaigns for introducing entrepreneurship to young people
    • initiatives to support activities to promote youth entrepreneurship in the field of social entrepreneurship.
  • Special events and activities as e.g. contests, seminars, trainings etc. are publically operated by the agencies devoted for support of entrepreneurship - for details, see chapter 3.9.
  • There are other private initiatives and activities, especially by the Association of small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed, and public authorities are usually following these happenings, and sometimes also contribute with funding when the organising subjects apply for such support in eligible programmes for supporting entrepreneurship. 



Networks and partnerships

  • In the Czech Republic, there are mostly privately-initiated networks or networks around the public agencies supporting entrepreneurship, youth NGOs, and Chambers providing support specifically for young entrepreneurs
  • Publically-initiated networks are focused on entrepreneurs in general not depending on age limit. All relevant information can be found on web pages provided either by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, state agencies to support entrepreneurship or by private providers
  • The Youth receive no special treatment and are considered part of the general public.