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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.9 Start-up funding for young entrepreneurs

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  1. Access to information
  2. Access to capital

Access to information

The Czech Republic does not have any specific top-level policy to ensure that young people know about start-ups, their funding or specific professional guidance, however, the information is promoted through the school system and social security system. National curricula - the Educational Framework Programmes also include the issues of the labour market including entrepreneurship. Students clubs, organisations and initiatives are too often focused upon. 

From a state perspective, young people are targeted like any other part of society by policies supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

Relevant support and information on entrepreneurship and its aspects are also provided by subordinated organisations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade:

The CzechInvest Agency started with funds from the EU two projects devoted to provide information about and to support start-ups (Support of Start-ups) and

National-wide contest "The start-upper of the Year" for young entrepreneurs and start-uppers was run in 2018 by the and the Czechinvest Agency. 

Specific information is provided by the Employment Offices and career guidance system in case that young people are registered as jobseekers and are interested in entrepreneurship.

The Youth Information System provides information about entrepreneurship for young people as well, see details in Chapter 1.3.

There are also private initiatives (online and offline) targeting young people with relevant information, which may be helpful for them (Examples in Chapter 3.8 Non-Formal and Informal learning to entrepreneurship). The most visible and complex is by the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ initiative called Svou cestou - Young business. Other private entities and individuals are working with the topic, such as (Young Entrepreneur).


Access to capital

The Czech Republic has top-level policy measures to facilitate affordable funding for start-up creation. There is a project (Support of Start-ups) run by the CzechInvest Agency, and with the main funding coming from EU Funds. Through four independent activities - CzechStarter, CzechAccelerator, CzechMatch and CzechDemo, persons interested in start-up creation are provided with the help of experts and tutors. 

There are schemes for funding starting entrepreneurs not dependent on their age from national, EU, and often regional and local funds. There is also a support structure to help people gain access to such funding. 

The Ministry of Industry and Trade provides current information on possibilities to acquire capital or subsidy for entrepreneurs, and the CzechInvest Agency also has its own on-line signpost.

Some regions, such as Moravskoslezský kraj or Jihomoravský kraj, specifically mention access of young people to their regional fund schemes. Zlínský kraj has initiated the project Start of Business (

The Czech Republic has a tradition of supporting young agricultural entrepreneurs. In 2015-2020 support for young agricultural entrepreneurs is being provided via EU funding for persons interested in starting their entrepreneur activity in agriculture up to 40 years of age. The maximum subsidy is up to 45 000 EUR. 

The Technology Agency operates the programme ZETA for the support of applied research for young researchers. The programme focuses on supporting cooperation between the academia and companies by putting together students of MA and doctorate study programmes at universities and young research workers aged up to 35. Even if the programme is not directly linked to start-ups, it can be beneficial also for young entrepreneurs and their research colleagues in the innovation and applied research spheres which is important for technology start-ups.