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4. Social Inclusion

4.8 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 30 March 2023
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  1. Forthcoming policy developments
  2. Ongoing debates

Forthcoming policy developments

Over the next years, one of the main drivers in this area will be the National implementation plan of the Child Guarantee. It was approved by the Government without any significant communication on 16 November 2022 and so far hasn't been made public and presented. It defines 18 categories of "children in need" and comes up with 27 recommendations and 125 detailed goals to improve their lives.  

Ongoing debates

Since 2020, the Agenda of Social Inclusion falls under the responsibility of the Ministry for Regional Development, instead of the Office of the Government. It is based on a resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 552 of 30 July 2019 on the transfer of the social inclusion agenda from the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic to the Ministry for Regional Development.

Besides that, there is still a pertinent debate about inclusive education after its reforms in 2017, as this topic became sensitive and a target of criticism from some political and professional groups. The discussions were a part of the creation of a new Education Strategy 2030+ by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. However, more focus there is put on balancing regional disparities in education rather than on inclusion itself.

In November 2019, the Governmental Human Rights Commissioner declared also the intention to create the Child Ombudsman. The exact setting is still discussed in relation to the need for ensuring the best inclusion of this new institution to the framework of the Czech Republic and its legislation and institutional order.