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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


6. Education and Training

6.9 Awareness-raising about non-formal and informal learning and quality youth work

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  1. Information providers / counselling structures
  2. Awareness raising initiatives

Information providers / counselling structures

Provision of information for youth is anchored primarily in the Youth Strategy 2014-2020, as well as in the Concept of Development of Information System for Youth in the Czech Republic.

The Youth Strategy 2014-2020 states the following strategic goal number 2: 'To facilitate equal access of children and youth to information'. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) itself claims that providing information is a cross-sectorial topic of this Strategy and it is also present in other strategic goals.

The Conception of the Development of an Information System for Youth in the Czech Republic then 'specifies the role of the national coordinator of the information system for the youth', which is the National Youth Information Centre (NICM).

The National Youth Information Centre ( was one of the sections of the National Institute for Education, which was a directly managed organisation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Since 2020 NICM continues its operation as a non-governmental association. 

An alternative organisation providing information to young people is the network of Youth Information Centres (ICM) in the Czech Republic, which 'is an active non-governmental non-profit organisation working with children and young people or in Houses for Children and Youth. Their workers help the youth with answering their questions and makes effort to advise them on various problems. Information is provided free of charge, discreetly and anonymously and according to the principles of the European Youth Information Charter.' These centres are subject to certification by the MEYS.

The Czech Republic also uses the Eurodesk network, which focuses on information concerning mobilities, and, of course, also non-formal educational activities for young people.

To a certain degree we can also talk about information services provided by the Centre for International Cooperation in Education, which is the administrator of the Erasmus+ Programme in the Czech Republic and thus also offers information about non-formal educational activities on its website; however, to a considerable degree it is information rather for organisers of such activities than for young people as such.

The main provider of information from the youth sector, youth organisations, youth work, and youth policy is the web portal Adam.czand a magazine called Archa, bothmanaged by the Czech Council of Children and Youth. 


Awareness raising initiatives

In 2017 the National Conference on Youth took place, which was on one hand part of a mid-term evaluation of the Youth Strategy 2014-2020 and on the other a platform for youth workers, 'who are interested in professional growth as individuals, as well as at the same time in development of the activities of the organisations, in which they work. Its goal is the deepening of competences in the field of youth work, sharing of experience, and networking.”

Since 1st of September 2018, started a new project of the National Institute for Further Education called '"Interconnecting formal and Non-Formal, including Leisure-based education". Main goal of the project is to support the cooperation between teachers and youth workers whos should perceive together as partners by the common goal of developing the competencies of Children and Young people. The project period is 2018 - 2021 and the costs are covered by the EU ESF Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

No further specific initiatives focused on raising awareness about non-formal education and its forms are being organised by the state in the Czech Republic.