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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


7. Health and Well-Being

Health and well-being are a central focus of the public policies in the Czech Republic as well as one of the strategic goal of the Czech Youth Strategy 2014-2020.

The state of Czech Young people is not the best in European comparison, especially in terms of risky behaviour and consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs; it is rather on the opposite side. (See Chapter 7.1)

However, there are many systemic attempts at the state level to improve the situation, including the new Act on the protection of health from the harmful effects of addictive substances, which came into force in May 2017 and which strengthens the protection of children and juveniles.

New policy and tools were also introduced in 2016 in the field of Sport and improving physical activity of young Czechs. (See Chapter 7.3)

The public health policy is quite strong in the Czech Republic, and children and Young people are traditionally a focus.

Also, the educational reforms are reflecting the needs, and there are many large-scale initiatives to bring a healthy lifestyle to schools. (See Chapter 7.4

In the field of non-formal and informal education, there are initiatives on health issues as well.

An area with larger gaps is that of mental health where no special attention is paid to young people and as such, it is still problematic in the whole population. (See Chapter 7.5)