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7. Health and Well-Being

7.5 Mental health

Last update: 6 February 2023
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  1. National strategy(ies)
  2. Improving the mental health of young people

National strategy(ies)


Strategic framework for the development of health care in the Czech Republic until 2030.

The strategic framework has three Implementation plans as followed:

  • Protecting and improving public health
  • Optimising the health system
  • Promoting science and research

The strategies, Implementations plans and objectives related to mental health are steered by the Government Council for Mental Health and the Ministry for Health. Its task is to prepare and implement the Mental Health Action Plan 2030.

The Governmental Council as well as the Ministry for Health implement the strategies and the psychiatric care reform.

Improving the mental health of young people

Young people were involved in the discussion about mental health in discussion within the Structured Dialogue with youth

On the 20th of December 2019, the Ministry for Health announced a new Programme to support the development of new services in the field of care provided by the multidisciplinary teams of mental health for children and adolescents as a part of the Psychiatric care reform.

The aim is to provide multidisciplinary support in health, social and pedagogy services in ambulances and in terrain. The initiative and fund call is supported by the European Social Fund 

The Ministry of Health operates also Mental Health Support Program which is devoted to the whole population including young people. 

There are 3 psychiatric children's hospitals in the Czech Republic, which were founded by the Ministry of Health and are in its competence. According to the 2015 annual report of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, the capacity is 250 beds for young people up to 18 years of age. There are also 18 psychiatric hospitals for adults with special sections of 188 beds for child patients. For comparison, in 1997 there were 5 psychiatric children hospitals with 405 beds.

Since 2017 The National Institute for Mental Health operates within the institute working group on research on mental health of Children and Adolescents. It runs several research projects as well as prepare educational programmes for schools. Its representatives are active also within the National Curricular reform (see chapter 5). 

Supporting mental health by pupils in schools (web portal)

  • in 2021 National Pedagogy Institute of the Czech Republic launched a new web portal to support schools, school directors, teachers and parents in mental health issues. 
  • There are 4 main sections related to:
    • How to support mental health in schools (quick interventions and tips what to do directly in school)
    • Contacts for the help services - Tips for school psychologists, educational counselors and prevention methodologists. 
    • Videos and Podcasts about various topics related to mental health in schools. 
    • Section specifically for parents about the relevant topics and tips

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in relation to Mental Health Issues of young people and resisting the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic issued also the Recommendations on distance learning and mental health.

Campaign and project 'Můj Mindset' (My Mindset)

  • Started in 2016 and focuses on medical and health secondary schools
  • Focused on de-stigmatisation of mental health among secondary school pupils within the health sector.
  • NGO project with support among others of the Ministry of Health and National Institute of Mental Health.

Campaign 'Nevypusť duši' (Do not let go of the soul)

  • Started in summer 2015 as an initiative of two students and became a NGO later.
  • Promotes topics of mental health in the society, special focus on young people and their mental health struggle linked to studies.
  • Initiative inspired by the UK.
  • Supported by the National Institute for Mental Health.

Subsidy Schemes of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to support for resisting the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

- Summer Camps

- Together after COVID

- subsidies for activities in the field of primary prevention of risky behaviour and promotion of mental health in schools and educational institutions for 2022

- Mental Health became also one of the priorities in the annual subsidy scheme for NGOs in the field of work with children and youth.