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EACEA National Policies Platform


9. Youth and the World

Last update: 27 September 2021

Youth international and global cooperation is mostly a domain of civil society, individual approach, activity and attitude to the role and life of a person in the society and in the world. The state is providing support within various public policies and their execution, however, there is no special comprehensive "Youth and the World" policy.

Global youth cooperation is based on the general legal and human rights framework, access and individual activity. 

The approach could be marked with the motto 'think globally and act locally' with all the connotations and various interpretations of that motto – to think in a global perspective and to act according to that at home or to help those who are not so fortunate abroad. These ideas are also seen in many activities, especially of civil society organisations and initiatives related to young people. The solidarity aspects are strengthened due to the pro-active implementation of the European Solidarity Corps programme. 

There are two main concepts in the Czech Republic linked to global issues education in the widest meaning of the concept of education. Those are 'EVVO' – 'Environmental education, upbringing and enlightenment' also known as environmental education and 'GRV' – 'The global development education'. See details in Chapter 9.1. More about the awareness of global issues you can find in chapter 9.4 and about green volunteering in chapter 9.5.

Regarding transcontinental youth work (details in chapter 9.6), there is no special concept or support from the state level as it is the domain of (youth) NGOs . More specific measures are taken in regard to international cooperation, youth exchanges and cross-border volunteering where the EU role and its programmes play an important part. The Czech Republic was not a colonial country, and thus international thematic, educational and humanitarian supports are more in common.

There are several interstate agreements and contracts on cooperation with states from other continents in particular fields of international cooperation.

Annual Global development education support schemes are in play mainly for NGOs and since 2016, there is the UN Youth Delegate Programme, offering the opportunity for two selected youth representatives, based on the open public annual call, to exchange their views within the General Assembly of the United Nations and respective UN youth forums, such as the Youth ECOSOC Forum and similar UN Forums for Youth.