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9. Youth and the World

9.3 Exchanges between young people and policy-makers on global issues

Last update: 15 January 2021
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  1. Global issues exchanges with policy-makers at the domestic level
  2. Global issues exchanges with policy-makers at the international level

Global issues exchanges with policy-makers at the domestic level

In 2020 The minister responsible for environmental issues and climate signed based on the action of several Czech Youth Organizations and initiatives and the Czech UN Youth Delegate the commitment that the ministry should take on board young people by the implementation of the climate policy, the so-called Kwon-Gesh Pledge. 

The space for such exchanges is rather ad hoc, organized by the civil society, academia and the interested policy-makers themselves.

As one of the most widely known and oldest youth initiatives is the 'Prague Student Summit' organised by the Association for International Affairs and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Education, Youth and Sports.

There are also several other model projects on the UN, NATO, EU or the American Congress. 


Global issues exchanges with policy-makers at the international level

Basically, when possible the Czech Republic uses the opportunities to delegate young people or youth representatives to international events for young people with the aim to exchange their view on global or any other social and political issues. Such activities are supported by all International Organisations where the Czech Republic is a member and where it is possible to ensure proper representation and the funding for such a mission.

Within the scope of the Structured Dialogue with Youth, youth representatives are regularly sent to the EU Youth conferences and other international events of the EU Structured Dialogue with Youth.

Since 2016, there is the UN Youth Delegate Programme, offering the opportunity for two selected youth representatives, based on the open public annual call, to exchange their views within the General Assembly of the United Nations and respective UN youth forums, such as the Youth ECOSOC Forum and similar UN Forums for Youth.

Since 2010, the Visegrad cooperation in the Youth Field was renewed and youth representatives are invited to the V4 meetings in the youth field and youth policy.

Young people from the Czech Republic also regularly participate in various youth events, Forums, competitions and activities of the European Union, youth events of the Central European Initiative, UNESCO Youth Forums and youth activities of the Council of Europe, including the representation in the Advisory Council on Youth and the Youth delegate programme of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. 

Within bilateral relations, there is the international Czech-German Council for youth exchanges and cooperation, where members also include the youth representatives from the Czech Council of Children and Youth as well as from the Czech-German Youth Forum.

The Czech-German Youth forum annually involves interested young people in the political and social cooperation including activities with the exchange on international issues with policy-makers.

Apart from these publicly institutionalised opportunities, Youth from the Czech Republic is active within many other non-governmental international activities and projects such as the European Youth Parliament, and various models of international institutions such as Model UN etc.

Also, via their opportunities the Czech political representatives in international bodies such as the European Parliament, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of Regions and others are often allowed to bring young people to relevant meetings where they can exchange views on global and political issues.