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9. Youth and the World

9.5 Green volunteering, production and consumption

Last update: 10 July 2023
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  1. Green volunteering
  2. Green production and consumption

Green volunteering

The main state initiative in the field of green volunteering is providing support to non-governmental organisations.

The Ministry of the Environment is providing two types of activity support annually.

Programme A: for NGOs active in the field of protection of nature and sustainable development, there are 11 specific topics eligible for funding, focusing on nature and biodiversity protection, the impact of the environment on human health, adaptation to climate change and innovation in environmental education. The highest possible subsidy is up to 250 000 CZK (ca 9 260 EUR) and the Ministry is contributing up to 70% of the project costs.

Programme B is addressed to NGO subjects capable of redistributing the resources for supporting significant local NGOs and voluntary activities in the field of protection of nature. There are two main fields – Coordination of Projects supporting Biodiversity where it is possible to receive up to 3 000 000 CZK (ca 111 000 EUR) and Coordination of Land Groups where is possible to receive a subsidy of 2 000 000 CZK (ca 74 000 EUR).

In the Overview of the NGOs' work in the field of protection of nature, the Ministry also monitored what the NGOs were doing in the period 1992-2010.

In 2011, the Ministry completed a study on the voluntary activities of the Non-governmental environmental organizations in cooperation with the Foundation 'Partnerství'. According to that study, 13% of the voluntary activities in the field are focused on the education of children and young people. The study did not differentiate between the youth environmental NGOs and general environmental NGOs. However, the environmental youth organisations such as Movement Brontosaurus and the Czech Union of Young Nature protectors, Young Nature protectors, the Czech Union of young breeders are some of the important organised Czech youth movements.


Green production and consumption

There are no special state initiatives targeting young people in regard to green production and consumption, although they are the target group of general campaigns. 

However, we can find state initiatives targeting the whole population partially also with the topic of green consumption, such as the campaign 'The farm in the hand', or 'Learn about your farmer'. On the other hand, one of the main aims of these initiatives is to support local farmers and domestic production. In this scope, there are also other initiatives, but the green aspect is rather implicit and secondary.