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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


2. Voluntary Activities

2.8 Current debates and reforms

Although to involve more and more young people in voluntary activities and to regulate volunteering within youth work remain relevant topics, an overarching structural reform is not yet foreseen. 

Plans regarding volunteering in the 2021 - 2027 financial cycle

The 2014-2020 financial cycle of the European Union is coming to an end, so the planning processes for the next, 2021-2027 cycle, are already underway. According to the information provided by the Ministry in 2020, they started to develop the future framework programmes and constructions and they plan to include also an operational programme on volunteering with regarding the opinion and work of the civil sphere dealing with volunteering.

According to the Ministry’s preliminary ideas, the main objectives will be the following:

  1. further promotion the culture of volunteering,
  2. increasing the proportion of volunteers among the adult population and among young people,
  3. to increase the proportion of young people aged 18-29 who have been volunteering at some point in their lives,
  4. encouraging corporate volunteering and CSR activities,
  5. development of professional standards for volunteer training and for volunteer coordinators and mentors,
  6. organisational and methodological development and quality improvement,
  7. active involvement of Hungarian communities abroad into volunteering in Hungary,
  8. a stronger link between volunteering and sustainable development.

According to the Ministry, age-based segmentation is not planned for the time being, however, in the future, there could be programmes and projects related to volunteering which primarily aim the younger or older generations.

Planning the Hungarian Year of Volunteering 2021

According to the information provided by the Ministry in 2020, although not exclusively related to youth volunteering, it is planned to establish a thematic year for 2021, which will be called the Hungarian Year of Volunteering.

This will need a wide cross-sectoral cooperation of the Government, the NGOs, the corporate and public sectors. Participants in the thematic year include leaders/representatives of key volunteering organisations from the civilian side (including several members of the National Voluntary Council), as well as university professors and researchers. They plan to implement communication campaigns, tenders and various voluntary actions.