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EACEA National Policies Platform


2. Voluntary Activities

2.2 Administration and governance of youth volunteering

Last update: 31 March 2022
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On this page
  1. Governance
  2. Main actors


Main actors

It is difficult to determine the responsible authority for volunteering activities as it is not implied in the presidential verdict on the delegation of responsibilities between ministries (not the official translation of the document) which ministry is responsible for volunteering. It is likely, however, that The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour would be invested in policymaking on volunteering as it is responsible for the labor market.

No official law or regulation on youth volunteering exists, but volunteering activities might fall under other laws, such as Youth Act no. 70/2007, Children Act no. 76/2006, Child Protection Act no. 80/2002  and the UN Convention on the Rights of Children no. 19/2013(only in Icelandic).

Cross-sectorial Cooperation

No cross-sectorial cooperation exists on volunteering.