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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


2. Voluntary Activities

2.6 Raising awareness about youth volunteering opportunities

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Information providers

Youth Voluntary Service (JST) is an intensive 6-month period program for young people aged 14 to 29, during which young people volunteer 40 hours / month at a selected accredited host organization, meet once a month with a mentor appointed by the volunteering organization and learn to overcome difficulties, translate experience into benefits. The JST program is an opportunity not only to discover a pleasant course of activity, but also to get to know oneself better and to develop general competencies. For organizations, it is an opportunity to become an accredited volunteer-hosting organization, a place where a young person can volunteer. The organization commits the volunteer to make 40 hours. A monthly volunteering plan (schedule) that matches the volunteer's competencies and is meaningful to both the volunteer and the organization itself. The curator undertakes to train the young person, to educate and support them during the service.

2020 The JST program is recognized with 0.25 entrance points to Lithuanian higher education institutions.

European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is a program of the European Union that gives young people (18-30 years old) the opportunity to volunteer, do internships, work, implement their own projects - to create benefits for local or pan-European communities.

Volunteering projects:

Individual  volunteering projects give young people the opportunity for  2-12 months.  to work full-time on a voluntary basis in a chosen organization in their own country or abroad.

Group  volunteering projects lasting  2 weeks. - 2 months , enables a group of 10 to 40 young people from at least two countries to work full-time in solidarity activities.

3 months of international volunteering under the Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programs are also recognized. 

2020 3-month international volunteering under the Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programs is recognized with 0.25 entry points to Lithuanian higher education institutions.

The Youth Guarantees website itself offers a free database of over 300 volunteer organizations that offer opportunities to NEETs. Eurodesk Lithuania also provides consultations on volunteer activities. Lithuania operates 22 Eurodesk Lithuania regional representatives whose aim is to provide information and advice youth issues including volunteering activities in municipalities. European Voluntary Service Association program Savanorystes ambasadoriai is also a significant provider of information on youth volunteering opportunities in Lithuania.

Additional information is provided on special websites:  

Key initiatives

In 2011 considerable efforts were made to publicize volunteering and reach general public. A number of campaigns to encourage volunteering were set up on the initiative of the European Commission Year of Volunteering. The European Commission Representation in Vilnius initiative “Nemarinuok laiko” can be mentioned among effective campaigns that included Lithuanian celebrity endorsements. These  campaigns received much media coverage and can be considered nationally significant in raising awareness of volunteering. During the period of 2013-2015 Agency of International Youth Cooperation had project funding to raise awareness on youth volunteering, which included media advertising campaigns. Other initiatives included specific volunteering campaigns by Jaunimo linija and Matyk kitaip