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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.3 Skills forecasting

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Forecasting system(s)
  2. Skills development

Forecasting system(s)

As a result of the European funded project ‘Partner system of analysis and forecast for the labour market, constantly adapted to the economic dynamics’, the National Employment Agency benefited from a series of national, regional and county level research studies on labour market evolution. Similar studies are planned for the next period, still with European funding, under the Romanian Operational Programme Human Capital, co-funded by the European Social Fund.


Moreover, according to the law on employment and unemployment, law no. 76/2002, in order to keep the track record, employers have to report to the local offices of the National Employment Agency the job vacancies. Otherwise they lose the right to benefit form state subsidies for young or vulnerable new employees.



Skills development

When designing the training and counselling services available for unemployed persons, the National Employment Agency takes into account job vacancies registered by employers and the labour market evolution studies. Therefore trainings are organised and opened for free to registered unemployed persons for the qualifications that are needed according to employees’ declarations. Special measures for young people are not designed.


There is no information on a systematic mechanism taking into consideration labour market or labour market forecast when designing school and university curricula in Romania.