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EACEA National Policies Platform


6. Education and Training

Last update: 30 March 2022

Education is a priority in Romanian policy and preventing early leaving from education and training and rising education quality are streamlined in the education policy. The general responsibilities for the education policies is coordinated at the national level by the Ministry of Education , at the regional level the policies being implemented by the Counties’ School Inspectorates. Through its sub-ordinated units, the Ministry of Education ensures the quality in educationsupports student mobility schemes, and responds to the identified needs of pupils and students for counselling and educational support services. While a wide range of policies and strategies are aimed to ensure the access to education of all pupils and students, a large number of young people are still facing barriers in education. In order to support equal access to education and to prevent early school leaving, the Strategy on Preventing Early School Leaving comes up with identifying the groups that are mostly exposed to exclusion and sets the objectives to tackle ELET. The national coordination is made difficult by the lack of strong monitoring and evaluation working mechanisms in education policies’ field. But lacking the action plans and missing the budget allocations, all the set measures are still under development.


However, there are very few policy measures supporting the development of non-formal education. While specially licensed evaluation providers can validate competences acquired through non-formal education, the system is fairly difficult and bureaucratic.