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EACEA National Policies Platform


3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.10 Promotion of entrepreneurship culture

Last update: 21 January 2021

Special events and activities

The most important business fair in Slovenia is the International Trade and Business Fair (MOS – mednarodni sejem obrti in podjetnosti) in Celje. At this fair, the coordinators open a tender for youth entrepreneurs, titled MOS’s Enterprising Talents (MOSovi podjetni talenti). This allows young entrepreneurs to obtain their first business contacts and begin successful businesses abroad.

In addition, the Fair Informativa (Sejem Informativa) is held each year. The purpose of the fair is to inform youth about educational possibilities and offer information about jobs and related topics. Exhibitors include educational institutions, employers, non-governmental organisations, organisations operating in the youth sector, coordinators of governmental programs and banks.

There are also individual events coordinated by NGO’s (e.g. the Young Entrepreneur Institute – Zavod Mladi podjetnik).

To foster social entrepreneurship and increase its recognisability among youths, one strategic development aim was adopted by the Slovenian government: the Strategy of Social Entrepreneurship 2013–2016 (Strategija socialnega podjetništva 2013-2016). Its aim was to increase individuals’ basic knowledge of social entrepreneurship. To achieve this goal, two measures were carried out, but only one involves youths. That measure includes at least 30 informational workshops a year at the entrance points ‘All in one place’ (Vstopne točke VEM). In addition, in line with the Action Plan 2014–2015 of the Strategy of Social Entrepreneurship (Izvedbeni načrt Strategije socialnega podjetništva), promotion of social entrepreneurship fairs, educational conferences on the meaning of social entrepreneurship, counselling and social entrepreneurship concerning farms was performed.

The European Fund for Regional Development provides financial support for social incubators (50,000 EUR per year (150,000 EUR), with the possibility to increase to 200,000 EUR for 3 years). Promotion of social entrepreneurship development is performed by public tenders that are co-funded by the European Social Fund (Evropski socialni sklad).

The MGRT supports the following actions:

- Through an agency, SPIRIT: Measures to promote creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation are implemented through SPIRIT. The purpose of those measures is to promote the development of personal qualities that are relevant to entrepreneurship:

  • Creativity, initiative, acceptance of risk and responsibility and self-esteem;
  • Basic skills and contacts within the business world, which improve individuals’ understanding of the role of creativity, enterprises and entrepreneurship in society;
  • Awareness of entrepreneurship as a social category, which allows individuals to decide to implement their own ideas and realise their own undertakings;
  • Achieve the impact on society as a whole, which requires the involvement of young people, parents, teaching staff, companies and local communities and includes a number of regions.


Acceleration Business City, BTC CITY and Ypsilon Institute established ‘Acceleration Business City', a group of young companies and start-ups that are eager to spread and create a healthy ecosystem in Slovenia. The group offers young company what they need for a successful start.   

Networks and partnerships

The project ‘My Market’ (Moja Štacuna) is co-run by several partners: the Association Pelikan Karitas (Zavod Pelikan Karitas); the Idrija-Cerkno Development Agency (Idrijsko-Cerkljanska razvojna agencija) and the Institute for Revitalisation of Rural Areas (Potencial Inštitut. Inštitut za revitalizacijo podeželja).