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2. Voluntary Activities

2.2 Administration and governance of youth volunteering

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  1. Governance
  2. Cross-sectoral cooperation


There is no legal legislation in Turkey which determines the definition of volunteering and framework of the responsibilities of the non-governmental organizations in terms of volunteering governance.

Public organizations and non-governmental organizations are the main actors in youth volunteering in Turkey. Organizations which are stated as stakeholders in Volunteering and Mobility main policy area of the National Youth and Sports Policy Document are considered to be main actors in the field of youth volunteering.

Ministry of Youth and Sports,

Turkish National Agency,

Ministry of Interior,

Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services,

Ministry of National Education,

Ministry of Development,

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization,

Prime Minister’s Office Disaster and Emergency Management Administration

Local Administrations,


Media Companies,

Non-Governmental Organizations.

As for the general distribution of repsonsibilities,  paragraph (d) of the article 190 of the Presidential Decree Law No 1 tasks General Directorate of Education, Research and Coordination with encouraging and spreading the volunteering activities among youngsters.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

In the body of Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, The Departement for International and Voluntary Organisations is one of the main public authorities dedicated to ensure the cooperation between public agencies and civil initiatives in the field of volunteering. Its main activity areas covers the cooperation with civil organisations working for social help, disseminating information on fighting poverty, collaborating between international organisations for welfare work, raising the awareness of social solidarity by forming cooperations among public authorities, universities, local administrations and civil society organisations.

One of the primary ways of forming cooperation between public authorities and civil society organisations is the grant programmes designed to support civil initiatives in the field of voluntary work. To this aim, Ministry of Youth and Sports in the framework of Project Support Programme grants a number of volunteering projects every year.