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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


2. Voluntary Activities

2.8 Current debates and reforms

One of the prioritized matters in the 2016 Action Plan of the 64th Government is that Ministry of Interior passes a civil society law. This matter is expressed in the Action Plan of the 64th Government as follows: “A framework law shall be passed for improving and strengthening the civil society. In that scope, legal statuses, organizational structures, activities, relationships with the public organizations and financial resources of the non-governmental organizations shall be organized.

Forthcoming policy developments

In the body of Ministry of Youth and Sports, the preparations for a legal basis for volunteering are underway. The prospective volunteering law is expected to include description and scope of voluntary activities, the categorisation of voluntary organisations, voluntary rights, legal precautions against the abuse of volunteers.

Ongoing Debates

The National Programme for Volunteering is considered to be promoted among youngsters in a more efficient way. Besides, designs aimed at providing more educational and career opportunities to young volunteers are central to ongoing debates concerning youth volunteering.

In certain universities volunteering is taught as an independent lesson. Besides, inclusion of volunteering in the curriculum of secondary schools continues to be a topic of high interest.