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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


5. Participation

5.9 E-participation

Besides conventional participation methods, participation through social media which is also referred to as new participation is quite common in Turkey. Young people use the social media intensively in Turkey. Almost each public organisation and institution in Turkey has social media accounts and mobile applications. Young people are able to reach addressees 24/7 through these accounts. In addition, “Prime Ministry Communication Centre” (Başbakanlık İletişim Merkezi-BİMER) established within the Prime Minister’s Office is a public relations application developed using communication and information technologies. BİMER is a system used on the web site by means of a software developed by Prime Ministry Directorate of Information Technologies and enables submitting applications anytime and anywhere by means of keeping the communication channels open between the citizens and the government. Since BİMER is an online system, applications are submitted to the related public organisations and institutions in the shortest time. Transactions regarding these applications are coordinated and monitored by the Prime Minister’s Office. With the same purpose, “Presidency Communication Centre” (Cumhurbaşkanlığı İletişim Merkezi-CİMER) is also accessible to all citizens, especially young people.