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10. Youth work

10.2 Administration and governance of youth work

Last update: 25 January 2021


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2.    Cross-sectoral cooperation



Main actors

The Scottish Government, Education Scotland, and YouthLink Scotland are the main bodies responsible for the implementation of the strategy. See the sub-heading ‘Structure of Decision-making’ in the article ‘Youth Policy Decision-Making’ for more information on these bodies.

The 32 local authorities in Scotland are responsible for implementing government policy on youth work, in accordance with The Requirements for Community Learning and Development Regulations 2013. Youth work is delivered through partnership activity by local authorities working with third sector organisations, such as Youth Scotland, a membership organisation and Scotland's national charity for the support and delivery of community-based youth work, and other providers of public services.

Support to the sector is provided by the Community Learning and Development Team within Education Scotland, YouthLink Scotland and Youth Scotland.

General distribution of responsibilities

Local authorities (LAs) in Scotland are, in accordance with theRequirements for Community Learning and Development Regulations 2013, responsible for implementing Government policy on youth work, which are delivered through partnership activity with third sector organisations.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

There are no established frameworks to ensure cooperation between all youth work stakeholders in Scotland. The Christie Commission 2011 recommended stronger partnership working across public services.