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EACEA National Policies Platform


2. Voluntary Activities

Last update: 25 January 2021

LAST MODIFIED ON: 26/06/2020

The Scottish Government sets out the broad national policy for youth and volunteering through its Cabinet Secretaries. Responsibility for youth volunteering and other forms of volunteering is split across the Scottish Government. A range of voluntary organisations are involved in the promotion and organisation of voluntary activity and may be included as stakeholders in policy-making.

A particular characteristic of the organisation of voluntary activity in Scotland are Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs). TSIs are funded by the Scottish Government to support and develop local third sector/voluntary activity, to support youth volunteering and administer the Saltire Awards (see 'Existing arrangements' in 'Skills recognition'). The 32 TSIs operate within a specific local authority and take different organisational forms (see 'Cross-sectorial cooperation').


Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the UK government pledged £750 million in May 2020 to voluntary and community organisations (as well as social enterprises) to support their services, including youth volunteering organisations. £60 million of this funding is specifically for in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to support thousands of charities on the frontline helping vulnerable people affected by COVID-19.