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EACEA National Policies Platform


2. Voluntary Activities

2.6 Raising awareness about youth volunteering opportunities

Last update: 25 January 2021

LAST MODIFIED ON: 27/06/2020

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  1. Information providers
  2. Key initiatives


Information providers

There is no single public authority or contact point responsible for disseminating information on volunteering opportunities for young people. The main providers are:

  • Project Scotland, which provides a searchable map with a selection of volunteering opportunities for 16- to 30-year-olds, with further opportunities available on application.
  • Young Scot, which is the national youth information and citizenship charity. It provides young people, aged 11 - 26, with a mixture of information, ideas and incentives to help them become confident, informed and active citizens. It does this in a variety of formats, including online, through social media, apps, magazines, and by phone, etc., so young people can access information in a way they are comfortable with.
  • Volunteer Scotland, which maintains a searchable database of all-age volunteering opportunities.

Key initiatives

Saltire Ambassadors help in the delivery and development of the Saltire Awards scheme. Young people who have achieved the ‘Ascent Award’ (see the sub-heading ‘Existing arrangements’ in the article ‘Skills Recognition’), are encouraged to become Saltire Ambassadors. They undertake a variety of roles including organising: promotional and celebratory events; workshops and presentations; and publicity and communications.

Volunteers’ Week is an annual UK-wide celebration of the contribution made by volunteers. It is run by NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations), with partners in the other nations. In Scotland, this isVolunteer Scotland  Events take place throughout the country to showcase the different volunteering roles on offer. There are taster sessions, volunteer recruitment events, awards ceremonies and new volunteering campaign launches.