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8. Creativity and Culture

8.6 Developing entrepreneurial skills through culture

Last update: 25 January 2021
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  1. Developing entrepreneurial skills through cultural activities
  2. Support young entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sectors


Developing entrepreneurial skills through cultural activities

A number of programmes exist to support the development of entrepreneurial skills in young people through engagement in cultural activities:

  • Youth Arts advisors, selected from across Scotland to help guide the delivery of Time to Shine: Scotland's Youth Arts Strategy for ages 0-25 , the national youth arts strategy; the team of young people aged 14-20 develop new ways for young people to access and engage in arts and creativity.
  • Music +, a scheme supported by Creative Scotland and run by the Scottish Music Centre, which offers young people aged 14-19 one-to-one mentoring opportunities with music industry professionals, from performance to event promotion.
  • Hit the Road, a touring project for 14-19- year-old aspiring performers who are in the early stages of their music making careers; participants are invited to training workshops with industry professionals covering all aspects of touring and support roles such as sound engineering and stage production.
  • the Get In project from the Touring Network, which is part-funded by Creative Scotland, gives young people aged 16-26 the training, knowledge and expertise required to programme events they want to see in their communities; the project involves three residential training weekends, mentorship and a bursary to attend a range of performances and events across Scotland, as a means to give people the skills they need to become art event programmers.
  • the Glasgow Youth Film Festival is an annual event programmed by young people who are mentored on a year-round basis.
  • the Creative Spaces challenge, a competition which involves secondary school pupils taking part in a day-long design challenge, which is part-funded by several local authorities in Scotland.
  • Room 13, a network of student-run arts studios which was founded in Scotland; each studio facilitates the work of young artists alongside an adult artist in residence; the exchange of skills and creative production enables the studio to raise funds to buy art materials.
  • Apps for Good, which offers free creative learning programmes for schoolchildren across the UK, teaching them to use new technologies to design and make products which will help them make a difference to their world.

Additionally, Creative and Cultural Skills gives young people opportunities to learn and work in the creative industries. CCS runs a number of programmes, including Creative Choices, which gives 13-16-year-olds the chance to discover careers in music, theatre, cultural heritage and design.

Support young entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sectors

Young entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sectors may benefit from the following programmes and initiatives:

  • the Creative Business Start Up Fund, which is part-funded by Creative Scotland and offers training, funding, resources and mentoring support to 18-30-years-olds who want to start their own business in the creative sectors.
  • the British Council offers young people opportunities to make new connections with creative partners worldwide, through a range of programmes, each focussing on a different country/region and art-form.