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EACEA National Policies Platform


8. Creativity and Culture

8.9 Enhancing social inclusion through culture

Last update: 25 January 2021
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  1. Fostering equality and young people involvement through cultural activities
  2. Combating discrimination and poverty through cultural activities


Fostering equality and young people involvement through cultural activities

Please see the subheading 'Reducing obstacles to young people's access to culture' in 'Promoting culture and cultural participation' for information on projects and initiatives funded by public authorities aimed at promoting social integration amongst young people.

Additional schemes of note include the following:

  • the Sensatronic Lab, which is funded by Creative Scotland, is aimed at young people under 25 to help them overcome the barriers of disability and economic and social exclusion; projects enable young people to explore digital technology through the creative arts and music.
  • Drake Music Scotland, which is a registered charity (part-funded by Creative Scotland) delivering a range of projects in special and mainstream schools aimed at supporting learners to participate in creative music making; the charity uses a range of inclusive and adaptive technologies in its work which enable participants to take part in activities on an equal basis with other musicians (note that the organisation also works with adults with disabilities).

Though not specifically for young people, the Culture Strategy sets out its aims to “Place culture as a central consideration across all policy areas including: health and wellbeing, economy, education, reducing inequality and realising a greener and more innovative future”. The strategy also commits to supporting the further development of Arts Culture Health and Wellbeing Scotland to include all forms of cultural engagement. The expanded network will advocate for cultural approaches to prevent poor individual and population health and promote cultural intervention as an effective means of tackling health inequality and supporting rehabilitation.

Combating discrimination and poverty through cultural activities

Programmes and projects aimed at combating discrimination and mitigating the effects of poverty include:

  • Sistema Scotland, which is funded by a range of public and private organisations, is a free immersive orchestra programme aimed at increasing the confidence, aspiration and teamwork of children and young people in some of the most deprived communities of Scotland.
  • CashBack for Creativity, a Government initiative which aims to tackle inequalities in the arts by increasing provision for Scotland's most disadvantaged young people aged 10-24; programmes funded by the initiative are free for the young people taking part.