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EACEA National Policies Platform


10. Youth work

10.3 Support to youth work

Last update: 27 January 2021


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1.Policy/legal framework
2.    Funding
3.    Cooperation


Policy/legal framework

The  Youth Work Strategy for Wales lists five aims to improve youth work in Wales. Each aim has its own chapter which includes a description of specific goals along with past or current actions and future plans of action in order to achieve the goals set forth. These aims are listed as:

●      Young people are thriving.

●      Youth work is accessible and inclusive.

●      Voluntary and paid professional youth work staff are supported throughout their careers to improve their practice.

●      Youth work is valued and understood.

●      A sustainable model for youth work delivery.

According to Youth Work: Principles and Purposes, the general types of activities that are considered to be youth work are:

●      curriculum specialities like arts and culture, first aid, sport, etc;

●      youth forums and councils;

●      information, advice, guidance and counselling services;

●      project work;

●      group work;

●      one to one work;

●      the use of new technologies and media;

●      opportunities for young people to be involved in decision-making processes;

●      opportunities for volunteering in Wales, the UK and internationally.

This document also states an emphasis on social inclusion, indicating that youth work in Wales should foster racial, social, and cultural identity diversity along with equal language opportunities in both Welsh and English.

It also highlights the goal of empowerment and adequately equipping young people to exercise their rights such as recognising that young people have rights, supporting young people to carry out their civic duties within their communities, and encouraging leadership and young people to engage with the personal, social and political issues which affect their lives.


The majority of public funding allocated to youth work organisations in Wales is administered by local authorities (LAs), through the Revenue Support Grant (RSG). Further information about funding is availablehere.

The Welsh Government also directly supports a number of schemes through the allocation of specific grants:

●      Youth Work Strategy Support Grant (£2.756 million). This grant is distributed across the 22 local authorities via a needs-based formula.

●      National Voluntary Youth Organisation Grants Scheme. This is a competitive grant that provides national voluntary youth organisations the opportunity to apply for core and project funding.

●      ETS Wales (£35,000). This grant provides core funding to enable ETS to professionally endorse programmes of training for Youth Workers.

CWVYS has also published a list of funding opportunities and grants available to youth work organisations.


The National Youth Work Strategy for Wales supports effective collaboration between Third Sector and statutory youth work organisations. Local authorities are expected to work collaboratively with Third Sector organisations to help ensure that youth work provision meets local needs and that best use is being made of available resources.