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10. Youth work

10.6 Recognition and validation of skills acquired through youth work

Last update: 27 January 2021


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Existing arrangements

Youth Cymru offers the Youth Achievement Awards. These awards are designed to formally recognise young people’s participation. Through them, young people can gain a nationally recognised, accredited award for involvement in youth work activities and volunteering.  These awards are accredited by AgoredCymru,  an awarding body for education and training providers in Wales.


Progress is measured through four different levels of achievement, all based upon the amount of responsibility undertaken by the young person.


For more general information about the recognition of skills for young people, please see the article ‘Validation of non-formal and informal learning’.


Each level of the award connects to a different point on the UK Youth Social Development Journey and represents different levels of participation and skillset. Through their progression through youth work, young people will gain vital life skills and become motivated, self-aware, receptive, resilient, responsible, confident and good communicators.


The Youth Achievement Awards celebrate the cultivation of the following skills competences in young people through youth work:


● Challenge – entry level introduction to youth work;

● Bronze – taking part and getting involved;

● Silver – helping to organise;

● Gold – planning and leading;

● Platinum – taking a full leadership role, with an element of training.