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4. Social Inclusion

4.7 Youth work to foster social inclusion

Last update: 27 January 2021

LAST MODIFIED ON: 12/03/2018 - 16:09

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  1. Main inclusive Youth-Work programmes and target groups


Main inclusive Youth-Work programmes and target groups

An annual statistical compilation provides detailed information about statutory sector Youth Work Provision in Wales. It includes information about projects that were running across Wales, including projects which focused on: alternative curriculum provision; NEETs; disabilities; young offenders; and minority groups. The most recent edition, for 2015-2016, was published in October 2016.

The following is a list of voluntary youth work organisations that have social inclusion as a focus.

  • Community Music Wales empowers disadvantaged individuals and groups by enabling them to participate in creativity and art
  • YMCA Cardiff motivates and empowers individuals who are disadvantaged through social, economic or emotional deprivation factors by supporting them to participate in social programmes
  • Arts Factory creates life-changing opportunities for marginalised individuals
  • the Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team supports black and minority ethnic individuals in education, employment, health, housing and community safety
  • Media Academy Cardiff provides alternative education programmes for students under the age of 16 and supports NEETs to achieve qualifications
  • Ministry of Life engages individuals who are 'hard to reach', including NEETs and the Roma population
  • Urban Circle supports and empowers individuals to develop team skills while raising their aspirations, increasing civic pride and reducing social exclusion
  • Valleys Kids works with disadvantaged children and their families by enabling them to broaden their experiences, broaden their horizons and achieve their potential.