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6. Education and Training

6.9 Awareness-raising about non-formal and informal learning and quality youth work

Last update: 27 January 2021
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  1. Information providers / counselling structures
  2. Awareness raising initiatives


Information providers / counselling structures

Youth Work Wales is the leading information resource for youth work in Wales. The aim of the site is to provide practitioners, students and managers of youth work in Wales with a range. The site primarily focuses on a particular style of work with young people delivered within the framework of the Youth Service, which encourages the voluntary involvement of young people aged 11-25 in a wide range of positive non-formal learning activities.e of historical and current information which will help develop thinking and practice.

As the main providers or commissioners of youth services, local authorities are also the main providers of information on learning opportunities, formal and non-formal, available in their local areas. Typically, each local authority provides the information on its website in a section such as integrated youth support services, youth support services, community, community learning and/or adult learning. Local authorities commonly also provide directories of youth organisations. Local authority run libraries are also sources of information.

Careers Wales provides a database of courses available, including in non-formal learning. There is a separate search available for work-based learning.

Generation Change is a UK charity partnership and sector-based network of youth social action organisations. Together with Step Up To Serve, it coordinates ‘Horizon’, an online mapping tool which shows youth social action programmes across the UK. The tool has mapped more than 1.2 million social action opportunities for 11- to 25-year-olds.

Awareness raising initiatives

The Welsh Government runs an annual Youth Work Week to provide youth workers and young people with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements and impacts of youth work. The week aims to:

  • promote a wider understanding and support for youth work
  • gain media coverage
  • promote positive images of young people
  • promote the benefits of youth work
  • celebrate the contribution of youth work with young people.

The 2020 Youth Work Week took place in 23-30 June 2020.

It also organises an annual Youth Work Conference. The 2017 conference focused on quality youth work provision for young people.

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