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8. Creativity and Culture

8.2 Administration and governance

Last update: 27 January 2021
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  1. Governance
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The Directorate of Culture, Sport and Tourism (which oversees culture) and the Education Directorate (which oversees youth work) are responsible for creativity and cultural activities for young people in Wales. 

Public bodies 

Other main actors include agencies and public bodies working with the Welsh Government, of which:

Main non-public actors include the following:

  • National Youth Arts Wales, which provides training and performance experiences for talented and committed young people interested in theatre production and performance
  • Arts Alive Wales, which uses the arts to inspire, engage and enhance the quality of life of individuals in local communities
  • Cadw, working to create accessible and well-protected historic environments
  • the members of Arts Portfolio Wales, which receive funding from the Arts Council of Wales.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

The All-Wales arts and education programme involves schools working with artists and arts, heritage and cultural organisations to complement teaching across the curriculum; the programme has two strands:

  • Regional Arts and Educational Networks, which work with schools, the Regional Education Consortia, and stakeholders in the education, arts, creative, cultural and heritage sectors to increase and improve arts experiences in schools.
  • Experiencing the Arts, which provides children and young people with opportunities to engage with cultural and arts activities as part of a wider learning experience; it comprises two main projects entitled Go and See, which offers funding for schools to organise trips to high-quality arts events, and Creative Collaborations, which funds schools to work in a sustained way with arts organisations.

The All-Wales Arts and Education Programme forms one half of the Creative Learning Plan, developed by the Welsh Government in its strategy document, Creative learning through the arts (see 'Existence of a national strategy' in the article 'National strategy on creativity and culture for young people' for more information).

For details of the cross-sectoral cooperation in the youth sector generally, see the article on 'Cross sectoral approach with other ministries' in the chapter on Youth Policy Governance.