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8. Creativity and Culture

8.3 National strategy on creativity and culture for young people

Last update: 27 January 2021
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  1. Existence of a national strategy
  2. Scope and contents
  3. Responsible authority for the implementation of the strategy
  4. Revisions/updates


Existence of a national strategy

 There is no specific national strategy on creativity and culture for young people in Wales.

Creative learning through the arts - an action plan for Wales 2015-2020, which was published by the Welsh Government and Arts Council for Wales in 2015, is a school-based national strategy. It outlines three key aims, which feed into each other and the Welsh Government's education priorities of improving literacy, numeracy and reducing the impact of disadvantage. The strategy underlines the importance of using the arts and creative approaches in the curriculum, both as a means to tackle low aspiration and levels of engagement, and as a means to raise standards in numeracy and literacy.

 Light Springs through the Dark: A Vision for Culture in Wales, which was published by the Welsh Government in 2016, is not specific to young people but has relevance for such. It underlines the Welsh Government's commitment to creative activities, outlining both programmes and initiatives which are already underway and future commitments. The strategy highlights the ways in which these activities can positively contribute to different policy areas in Wales, including the Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015 and the current Programme for Government (2016-21).


Scope and contents

Creative Learning Through the Arts - an Action Plan for Wales 2015-2020.


Building on Dai Smith’s Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales 2013, Qualified for Life: an education improvement plan for 3 to 19-year olds in Wales 2014, and the Donaldson report Successful Futures 2015,the 2015-2020 action plan aims to change the way the arts and education sectors work together in Wales.  Through strong partnerships with the four regional education consortia, the actions within this plan are designed to align with the school improvement framework set out in the National Model for Regional Working – the guidance for regional consortia and local authorities. Every aspect of the plan requires the active involvement of artists, creative professionals and arts, culture and heritage organisations working in partnership with teachers and schools to expand the range of opportunities available to young people to learn about arts and culture. 


Responsible authority for the implementation of the strategy

The actions set out in the 2015-2020 action plan are taken forward by the Welsh government and the Arts Council of Wales. As well as this, it’s recognised that its success depends on strong partnerships - the Welsh Government in partnership with the Arts Council of Wales, working with the regional education consortia, schools, local authorities and the wider arts and cultural sector.