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Mobility Scoreboard

EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki
Mobility Scoreboard
Welcome to the European Commission's

Mobility Scoreboard

Enhancing learning mobility in Europe

User survey: Your opinion matters!

The Mobility Scoreboard invites you to participate in our user survey, which aims to understand how you use our platform. We are curious to see how our platform has contributed to shaping national policies and to hear your feedback on the overall experience using our website and its features. Answers are anonymous. It is open until 13 February 2022. Your opinion matters to us!

Please find the link to the survey here: EUSurvey - Survey (

What is the Mobility Scoreboard?

The European Commission's Mobility Scoreboard follows up on the  2011 'Youth on the Move' Recommendation of the Council of the European Union, providing a framework for monitoring progress made by European countries in creating a positive environment supporting learner mobility. It contains scoreboard indicators in the area of higher education and initial vocational education and training.