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8. Creativity and Culture

8.9 Enhancing social inclusion through culture

Last update: 6 October 2020

Fostering equality and young people involvement through cultural activities

Specific support for Youth Organisations

The decree on Youth Organisations plans a specific support to actions targeted at beneficiaries with specific needs ("Dispositif particulier de soutien aux actions destinées à des publics spécifiques"). It offers extra funding to youth organisations working with vulnerable public (disabled young people, low socio-economic background, etc.). See section 4.4 Inclusive programmes for Young People.  

Among the 8 beneficiaries of this specific support, one works on cultural expression with vulnerable young people (C-PAGE). Another one, gratte Asbl, offers to both fit and disabled young people the opportunity to meet and to participate to leisure and creative activities together. The association, “Les compagnons batisseurs” also organises activities with and for young people from diverse background (diverse origins, diverse capacities, etc.). 

Specific support for Youth Centres

The decree on Youth Centres plans a specific support to equal opportunities for all ("Dispositif particulier d'égalité des chances"). It gives specific support to youth centres working with disadvantaged publics (low socio-economic backgournd). See section 4.4 Inclusive programmes for Young People.    
These youth centres organise for instance french lectures, artistic and creative workshops, sports and cultural activities etc. for vulnerable young people.
Article 27 

Article 27 is an association which aims at facilitating the access to culture for vulnerable people. The association works in partnerships with cultural operators and social institutions in order to offer reduced prices for cultural activities to this specific public. An entrance ticket costs 1,25 euros for people who receive social support from a recognised social partner according to the website’s association.  


Combating discrimination and poverty through cultural activities

Many cultural operators work on combating discrimination and poverty through cultural activities in various cultural sector (youth, theatre, reading, music, cinema, permanent education, etc.). They are recognised and financially supported by the French-speaking Community’s Government through the Youth Department.