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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


8. Creativity and Culture

8.9 Enhancing social inclusion through culture

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  1. Fostering equality and young people involvement through cultural activities
  2. Combating discrimination and poverty through cultural activities

Fostering equality and young people involvement through cultural activities

The special education schools for children with visual or hearing problems offer a variety of artistic opportunities to their students but also training opportunities in arts professions. They also organise events where the general public participate thus fostering social integration and building their self- confidence.  

The Cyprus Theatre Organisation offers various programmes that facilitate access to young people to cultural activities such as:

  • The 1st Youth Platform which is one of the parallel actions of Dubitanda (1st Quarter Actions, THOC Warehouses), and was created to give a step forward to young Cypriot creators who are engaged in or interested in exploring the contemporary practices of stage performance. The Platform is not only for theatre artists but also for creators (individuals or groups) from all the arts of performing arts who want to create and present a complete proposal on the stage;
  • Low cost tickets to young people for theatre performances;
  • Annual Pancyprian school theatre competition;
  • “Valitsa” Theatre: It gives the opportunity to those who cannot come to the theatre, to watch performances at their place. It concerns exclusively young people under 18;
  • “Scene 0-18” (Σκηνή 0-18): Uploads performances specifically for this age group and offers them daily to students and teachers, as well as to the general public, theatre stages and tours.

Combating discrimination and poverty through cultural activities

The school, as a carrier of state policy is called upon to implement anti-racist policy, which recognizes the diversity as the most basic component of the school community, which should operate as a mechanism for the social inclusion of children with any type of diversity. According to the Annual Report 2019 of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport & youth, various activities are initiated by schools such as:

  • Participating in European programmes against racism which promote the equality and respect. e.t.c.
  • Seminar "AWARE" for the promotion of diversity and mutual respect.
  • "Imagine" program with inter-communal character between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot.

Moreover, as already mentioned in sub-chapter 8.5 Acquiring cultural and creative competences through education and training the Adults Education Centres offered in rural and urban areas is a basic programme that facilitates young people’s (over 15) participation in cultural activities and lifelong learning opportunities. A lot of youth clubs, which are mainly organised in small villages, take advantage of the programme thus offering it, in this way, especially to young people.

Meanwhile, the Youth Initiatives programme of the Youth Board of Cyprus (mentioned also in sub-chapter 8.4 Reducing obstacles to young people’s access to culture) gives access to young people and youth NGO’s to funding in order to realise their own cultural activities and offer them to other young people either for free or on a very low cost.