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9. Youth and the World

9.1 General context

Last update: 28 November 2023

Main concepts

There is no specific concept to illustrate. 

Youth interest in global issues

A large online consultation called “Generation What?” (Génération Quoi?was undertaken in the French-speaking Community by the public service broadcaster RTBF between May and July 2016.  Altough the sample was not representative of the entire young population, the survey involved a large number of young people (8000 participants aged 18-34 years). The results suggest that young people in the French-part of Belgium are mainly worried about environment and access to employment. 

According to the same survey, 56 % of the young people interrogated said that they were interested to engage in a non-for-profit organisation. 

26 % have already been engaged in a non-for profit organisation.

80 % were favourable to the establishment of the compulsory civil service. At the contrary, the military service does not interest young people.