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2. Voluntary Activities

2.9 Skills recognition

Last update: 28 November 2023
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Policy Framework

The Decree related to "Holiday's youth centres" (décret relatif aux centres de vacances - 17 mai 1999) provides a framework for recognised training courses for voluntary youth leaders. 

The Government shall determine the content and organisation of training courses, as well as the conditions under which the practical training is carried out and validated.

The training is organised by a training body authorised for this purpose by the Government, on the advice of the general advisory committee. 


Existing arrangements


Skills recognition for voluntary youth leaders in youth work organisations

Young people, who participate in and succesfully achieve the basic training for voluntary youth leaders organised by one of the recognised training operator, are issued a certificate that attests the skills acquired through their training. This certificate can be used, for example when applying for a job but is not linked to an European credit system such as ECTS and ECVET.

Currently, there are no other policies, mechanisms and tools for the recognition and transferability of skills gained in volunteering.

Skills recognition for young volunteers in Erasmus + projects 

Young volunteers, when participating to an Erasmus + project, may recognise their skills through the Youth Pass.