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9. Youth and the World

9.1 General context

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Main concepts
  2. Youth interest in global issues

Main concepts

The topic of youth participation and cooperation in the international arena is discussed in the policy field “Youth in the International Arena” in the National Youth and Sports Policy Document (Ulusal Gençlik ve Spor Politikası Belgesi). In this context, targets for the youth to enter into participant cooperation in the international arena and to develop their qualifications to succeed in this field are adopted. With regard to the youth participation in the international arena, the following targets are included in the National Youth and Sports Policy Document (Ulusal Gençlik ve Spor Politikası Belgesi):

  • To ensure effective participation of the youth in the international society in the globalising world and to increase their participation.
  • To support youth associations to cooperation with other youth associations at the local, regional, national, international levels, particularly with neighbouring countries.

Youth interest in global issues

350 students that came together within the scope of the 6th ITU (Istanbul Technical University) International Model United Nations Conference (İTÜ Uluslararası Model Birleşmiş Milletler Konferansı) organised by the ITU Development Foundation discussed the world problems. In the conference that is United Nations Conferences modelled at the high school students’ level, students discussed the agenda in the global arena in detail and talked about solution offers for three days. They examined the examples of human rights, disarmament, woman rights, economy and environment and humanitarian aid in the world and produces solutions.

International youth participants come together in the International Youth Camps (Uluslararası Gençlik Kampları) organised every year by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and organise workshops and negotiations to think about and produce solutions on global problems. For instance, within the scope of the “International Youth Camp” organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, youth between 18-25 years old from member countries to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation are brought together under the theme “Youth is on action for peace, solidarity and common values” and ensured that the youth actualised thematic sessions on the issues like volunteering in the scope of moral values, issues of the youth in Muslim countries and proposed solutions, fight against discrimination and extremism.   International youth camps deals with problems on a global scale with meeting with wide participation from different countries every year.