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9. Youth and the World

9.1 General context

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  1. Main concepts
  2. Youth interest in global issues

Main concepts


Youth interest in global issues

Youth participation in civic and non-governmental activities is a meaningful indicator. According to the data of the research “Well-being of Young People in the Baltic States”, only 17% of young people aged 15-25, engage in the activities of non-governmental organisations, but 22% participate in the activities of youth organisations. Only 24% have engaged in youth projects, but 19% have participated in the activities of youth centres and clubs.

Opinions of young people suggest that possibilities to participate have been assessed higher than the frequency of their personal involvement. For example, 37% of Latvia’s youth assess their possibility to take part in the activities organised by non-governmental organisations positively, while only 17% of them actually participate; 49% believe they have possibilities to take part in youth organisations, but only 22% participate; 57% believe they have possibilities to take part in youth projects and activities, but only 24% actually participate; 68% of young people have the possibilities to volunteer, but only 34% have volunteered.

Data also reveal that majority of young people participate in cultural and entertainment activities, but less regularly in social and civic activities. Indirectly it may indicate a limited offer of civic activities addressing the diversity of young people’s interests.

66% of young people in Latvia believe they have all possibilities to receive reliable, objective information about events in the country and the world. More information can be found here