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2. Voluntary Activities

2.7 Social inclusion through volunteering

Last update: 28 November 2023

Support to young volunteers

No data was found which suggests that there are any top level policy measures that support young volunteers with fewer opportunities.


Community building

There are two main funds under the auspices of the top-level government in Iceland whose primary goal is to build a network of volunteers and benefit the community, both in the national context as well as internationally. These are the European Solidarity Corps and the Icelandic Youth Fund.

European Solidarity Corps

The Icelandic Centre for Research is the national agency for the European Solidarity Corps. The main aim of its operation is to assist Icelandic organisations in maximising the program's prospects and to support young people in Iceland participating in initiatives that benefit local and international communities.

The programme strives to foster inclusivity and diversity, advocate for environmentally sustainable and ethical practises, and promote green initiatives. It facilitates the digital transformation by implementing various initiatives and endeavours, while also fostering the active involvement of youth in democratic procedures and civic participation.


The Icelandic Youth Fund

The fund is under the auspices of the Icelandic Centre for Research and supports any public body or non-profit organization active in the field of youth.

The Youth Fund aims to achieve particular objectives, which include:

  • Enhance the level of youth club engagement among the younger demographic.
  • Addressing the preservation of integrity within youth clubs, by mitigating various challenges, including but not limited to xenophobia, violence, and a wide range of intolerant attitudes and discriminatory behaviours.
  • The objective is to enhance and facilitate the implementation of effective governance practises within youth clubs and organisations.
  • Advocate for the engagement of young people in voluntary initiatives within youth organisations, while fostering social inclusion and equal opportunities.


Tackling societal challenges

Examples of organizations and institutions tackling pressing societal challenges with their volunteer programs are The Icelandic Red Cross and The Environmental Agency of Iceland.

 The Icelandic Red Cross

Among initiatives undertaken by The Icelandic Red Cross are support to refugees and migrants which includes general guidance and language training, providing social support for people seeking international protection, as well as an initiatives aimed at reducing social isolation among people.


The Environmental Agency of Iceland

The Environmental Agency of Iceland, known as Umhverfisstofnun, is responsible for the management of 117 out of the total 120 protected areas in the country. This agency hosts volunteers from many parts of the globe and maintains strong collaborative ties with multiple international organisations.

Volunteers are afforded the opportunity to acquire practical conservation skills across a diverse spectrum while residing in close proximity to local personnel and fellow foreign participants. The agency's projects primarily centre around enhancing, defining, and upkeeping natural hiking trails in isolated regions. However, volunteers also participate in various practical conservation management activities within nature protection areas. These activities encompass projects related to wilderness and heritage management, as well as tasks such as controlling invasive plant species and eradicating tracks created by illegal off-road driving.