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2. Voluntary Activities

2.7 Social inclusion through volunteering

Last update: 28 November 2023

Support to young volunteers

Youth volunteering activities and young volunteers are supported in the framework of the funding scheme "Youth Initiatives" which is decribed on section 5.6 Supporting youth organisations

Moreover, the Youth Board of Cyprus, as the National Agency of the European Solidarity Corps and Eurodesk assist young volunteers and especially the youngsters with fewer opportunities to find a volunteering activity that align with their personal values and goals.

Community building

There are no to-level policies aiming at developing and strengthening social cohesion and inclusion in the areas where volunteering activities takes place.

Apart from the volunteering opportunities, the European Solidarity Programme also offers the opportunity for the implementation of the solidarity projects within a community. These projects, that are mostly implemented by young people themselves, deal with challenges faced by the community and thus enhance the sense of belonging.  

Tackling societal challenges

Through the "Youth Initiatives” funding scheme of the Youth Board of Cyprus, young people/youth organisations can apply to get a funding in order to organise an activity that tackle societal issues such as the environment and climate change.