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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


7. Health and Well-Being

7.8 Current debates and reforms

The National Health Policy is currently under progress. It will be the fundamental policy concerning health promotion and prevention in Iceland, including prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. The vision of the policy is to achieve well-being, health and equality for everyone, including all ages and both genders. It will contain a framework for monitoring and evaluation, a time frame for implementation and target indicators.

Act for e-cigarettes control is currently under progress. It will be comparable to the Tobacco Control Act and will provide youth workers, teachers, parents etc. support to keep e-cigarettes from youth under the age 18. In addition, smoking e-cigarettes will be forbidden e.g. in schools.

Action plan according to the Alcohol policy is under progress. A delay has been in this work but hopefully it will show some progress soon. In connection with this work, a policy on tobacco control and action plan will be made.

National nutrition survey is in preparations process and will hopefully be carried out within couple of years.