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5. Participation

5.3 Youth representation bodies

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Youth parliament
  2. Youth councils and/or youth advisory boards
  3. Higher education student union(s)
  4. School student union(s)
  5. Other bodies

Youth parliament

No public documents indicate the existence of a youth parliament in Iceland.


Youth councils and/or youth advisory boards

The Icelandic Youth Council is an organization subject under the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. The Minister appoints nine representatives to the Youth Council for a period of two years.

According to the Youth Act No. 70/2007, the responsibilities of the Youth Council are to consult the national authorities and municipalities on youth affairs, give recommendations regarding focus areas and policies in youth affairs, and seek ways to improve youth activities of clubs, organizations, and schools.


Higher education student union(s)

The student council of the University of Iceland seeks to promote and protect the interests of students at the university. Its goal is to ensure that high-quality, higher education is accessible to all and to be readily available to represent and aid students. The council’s representatives are involved in most decisions concerning the university’s operations. Representatives for the council are elected each year through elections within the university community.


School student union(s)

The Icelandic Secondary School Student Union seeks to guarantee the interests and rights of all Icelandic secondary school students. Its main roles are to take part in the resolution of disputes, be leading in social work and social education in the secondary school community, provide information regarding secondary education, and ensure that quality secondary education is available to all.


Other bodies

No documents suggest that other top-level bodies exist in Iceland.