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2. Voluntary Activities

2.7 Social inclusion through volunteering

Last update: 28 November 2023

Support to young volunteers

Support to young volunteers is provided on the basis of the Act on Volunteering and the Act on Youth Work Support. There are obligations for hosting and sending organisations provided in both the acts:

• Ensuring equipment for volunteers (in particular work clothes, personal protective equipment and professional equipment);

  • Ensuring health insurance for volunteers, if agreed in a contract on voluntary service;

• Conclusion of the contract on professional indemnity insurance with respect to voluntary service.

The Act on Volunteering is even more specific and provides also the ways of ensuring volunteers diets, accommodation, transportation, etc. Except of these obligations, sending or hosting organisations after reaching an agreement with a volunteer may pay their voluntary insurances (sickness insurance, occupational pensions, unemployment insurance). The aforesaid options have not been applied in practice due to insufficient financial means in organisations.

Community building


Tackling societal challenges