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9. Youth and the World

9.4 Raising awareness about global issues

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Formal, non-formal and informal learning
  2. Youth-targeted information campaigns on global issues
  3. Information providers
  4. Key initiatives

Formal, non-formal and informal learning

Although it should be an integral part in all school work according to the National Curriculum Guide for Compulsory Schools and Upper Secondary Schools, most of formal teaching on global issues takes place in social studies, which is an overarching concept of all subjects which “pertain to society and culture in an informative and critical manner” (National Curriculum Guide for Compulsory Schools, 2014). A rich environment for global issues in non-formal and informal learning settings is created through young people’s participation in both youth organizations, both political (as described in chapter 9.3) and other types of organizations (such as described in chapter 9.1).


Youth-targeted information campaigns on global issues

UN Women in Iceland has an active youth organization, open for participation from all young people aged 16 – 30. The youth organization is responsible for all information campaigns on women’s rights in the global domain.

UNICEF is another organization with an active youth organization responsible for information campaigns on the status and rights of children and young people internationally.


Information providers

Access to information on global issues is very decentralised in Iceland. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the main government body responsible for information regarding foreign affairs, and especially regarding Iceland’s status in the international arena. Information are quite accessible on their website under news and publications. However, there is no special web site area specially designated for young people. Other organizations are also responsible with giving information on foreign affairs. Organizations such as UNICEF and UN Women are also responsible for providing information.


Key initiatives

Both UN Women and UNICEF have an overarching goal of raising awareness of their fundamental issues described under “Youth targeted information campaigns on global issues”. However, no documents were found which describes those goals in greater detail. These campaigns may involve school visits and other type of public seminars.