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2. Voluntary Activities

2.7 Social inclusion through volunteering

Last update: 28 November 2023

Support to Youth Volunteers

The Malta Council For the Voluntary Sector actively works to provide support and awareness to all youth volunteers in our programmes, including those with fewer opportunities. 

Under the
Youth Voluntary Service (local) Programme, all youth volunteers are given support and monitoring at all stages of their voluntary service to ensure the best quality experience possible.


Through a strategic set-up self-development programme, all youth volunteers in the MCVS programmes and collaborating organisations, are given the opportunity to participate in the J.O.Y.S Programme. This programme consists of 3 main facets.


  1. A self-development Journal which provides youths with resources, self-evaluation exercises, mindfulness activities and other tools to support them through self-development, skill acquisition and prioritization of wellbeing.
  2. Monthly workshops which centre around topics of wellbeing, mindfulness, self-love, and other topics which are at the forefront of youth volunteers.
  3. Quarterly events and activities such as treasure hunts, beach day and other light-hearted sessions which have the premise of community building and youth volunteer networking.

Private mentoring, where any youth volunteer can get personalised and individual support from mentors specifically identified for this programme


Community Building

The Malta Council For the Voluntary Sector supports and implements community-building systems in all aspects of all voluntary programmes, especially in those programmes specifically targeting youth volunteers and youth volunteers with fewer opportunities. Through the Youth Voluntary Service programme, youth volunteers are bridged to voluntary organisations all over the country. These voluntary organisations all aim to protect, educate and support different communities and sectors within society. Special attention is given to involve organisations from sectors such as animal welfare, social and humanitarian welfare, environment and arts as well as other important sectors of value to the community on a national and international level. This is done to firstly instill important values within youth volunteers which derive from different sectors of society and secondly to entice the growth of a local and international community which is wholistic and inclusive.