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2. Voluntary Activities

2.7 Social inclusion through volunteering

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Support to young volunteers
  2. Community building
  3. Tackling societal challenges


Support to young volunteers


The Slovenia Volunteering Act (Zakon o prostovoljstvu) covers general volunteering regardless of target groups and supports equal opportunities for all volunteers. Currently, there is no policy, legislation, or government-led initiative for promoting the inclusion of youth volunteers, including those with fewer opportunities. Consequently, there is no support to facilitate the involvement of young people from vulnerable target groups in volunteering activities. Initiatives are mainly stimulated through the EU programs, especially the Solidarity Corps program and volunteering organizations.


Community building


There are no top-level policy measures or initiatives for developing and strengthening social cohesion and inclusion in the communities where volunteering projects occur.


Youth volunteering is supported only through EU programs, especially the European Solidarity Corps, managed in Slovenia by the National Agency MOVIT. The agency promotes the program and supports the organizations implementing the activities. It also promotes European Solidarity Network EuSN and Europeers. The European Solidarity Network (EuSN) is a young community from the spring of 2019. They are united through a shared interest and vision to create a European network in which everybody works together to improve the experience of young Corps participants (European Youth Portal).


EuroPeers are young people who have gained European experience under the EU's youth programs and want to share them with you, their peers.

They are ambassadors for the Erasmus+ Youth program, the European Solidarity Corps, and the other national schemes that help young people move around Europe to work and learn.

EuroPeers either organize their events or are invited to speak by schools, youth welfare offices, or cultural centers. All voluntarily. (European Youth Portal).


On a national level, Slovene Philanthropy, an NGO, is the leading organization promoting volunteering in Slovenia. Among their core activities, they include helping individuals get in touch with organizations needing volunteers, training volunteers, and supporting civic organizations.


Tackling societal challenges


No specific top-level measures, initiatives, or programs support young volunteers to engage in projects that contribute to solving societal challenges. All the initiatives are led by the NGOs active in the field of volunteering activities. Several NGOs exist, such as Slovene Philanthropy, Voluntariat, and Sloga.